The computer world has changed quite a lot since my first steps in 1982. I was programming then in BASIC on a Sinclair ZX 81. I had the chance to live this estonishing evolution, from the good old micro to the Pentium 4.

The idea to start a computer collection popped up upon discovering an old Apple III, lying on the road side. I adopted it with curiosity. Its caracteristics made me realize the tremendous progress made in the past 15 years. The passion germing in me had found its goal...

For the moment, can be visited only on the web. It currently counts more than 393 different computers, approximatively 205 mechanical or electronical calculators, a few pounds of processors, and about 43 video games.

My dream would be to open a permanent museum dedicated to the computer history. Any proposal for the development of this idea is welcome.

Since October 1999, I'm renting two places for the storage of all this material, here are two pictures :

           murimage.jpg    local-1.jpg    local-2.jpg

the"screen wall"... and 2 other partial sights of the storage places.